Regulations For The Asian Cities Championship


1. A tournament for the Asian Cities Championship shall be organized once in two years by one of the affiliated chess federation in Zones 3.1 to 3.7 to be designated by the Continental Assembly, if possible two years before the event is to take place.



2. Participation in the Asian Cities Championship is open to all affiliated chess federations in Zones 3.1 to 3.7.

2.1 Team Composition: 4 players plus 1 reserve (including captain)

2.2 Each member federation shall have the right to send one team representing one city.

2.3 A national federation can participate with more than one team according to the following cases:

2.3.1 If the number of participating teams is less than 36, the organizing federation will give priority to participating federations in the order of confirmation of entry by admitting one additional city for each federation.

2.3.2 If after application of 2.3.1 above, the number of teams is still less than 36, a third city will be accepted per federation in the order of confirmation of participation.

2.3.3 If the number of registered teams is 36, a national federation can participate with a maximum of three teams.

2.3.4 The organizing federation shall have the right to participate with a maximum of four teams. They cannot, however, add a fifth team in case an odd number of teams participate.

2.4 Eligibility - all players, including reserves, are required to have been members of their national federation for at least one year.



3. The Asian Chess President represents the interests of the Continent and is empowered to take the final decision on all questions relating to the Championship as a whole.

3.1 At least six months before the beginning of the tournament the organizing federation shall submit to the Continental President for Asia a draft invitation and any special conditions for approval.



4. At least four months before the beginning of the tournament the organizing federation shall send invitations together with other special regulations, if any, as approved by the Continental President for Asia, to all affiliated federations in Zones 3.1 to 3.7.

4.1 Copies of the invitation are to be sent to the Continental President for Asia and the Presidents of Zones 3.1 to 3.7.


Confirmation of Entry

5. At least two months before the beginning of the tournament each federation accepting the invitation shall send its entry to the organizing federation with copies to the Continental President for Asia and the relevant Zone President.


Entry Fees


6. Each participating federation shall pay the stipulated entry fee as contained in the Asian Chess Federation financial regulations to the organizing federation upon confirmation of entry.



7. Traveling costs shall be the responsibility of the participating cities.

7.1 Living expenses shall be the responsibility of the organizing federation for up to one team per country, except that it will be up to the organizing federation whether or not it will accept a non-playing chief of delegation as a sixth member of the team for each city and provide him with the facilities on the same basis as guaranteed for the five playing members.

7.2 The organizing federation shall provide the playing facilities and make suitable arrangement for board and accommodation.

7.3 Playing conditions shall conform to the Recommendations for the Organization of Top-level Tournaments, C.01.


Duration of the Championship

8. Not exceeding 15 days including days of arrival and departure.


Submission of Team Lists

9. At least one month before the start of the tournament, each participating federation shall notify the organizers of the following details:

Name of the participating city.

Name and initials of the Chief of Delegation.

Name and initials of the Team Captain.

Name and initials of each player (indicate ID number in Rating List, if applicable)

FIDE rating of each player (most recent FIDE Rating List)

Any information required in connection with visas.

Biodata/photo of each team member, if possible.


Tournament Regulations

10. Laws of Chess - The FIDE Laws of Chess shall apply. The following specific regulations for the Asian Cities Chess Team Championship shall also be in force.

11. System of Play

11.1 The tournament shall be run on an all-play-all basis where each team shall play one match against every other team. However, if circumstances make this impossible, then a 9-round Swiss System shall be employed (controlled Swiss System pairings).

11.2 Each match between teams shall be played over four boards.

11.3 Each team shall comprise 4 to 5 players who shall be listed in a fixed board order (1-5) by the team captain at the beginning of the tournament. This board order may not be changed during the tournament. The penalty for every deviation from the correct sequence in any round is one game point. Example: 1-5-4-2, two points shall be forfeited in the match. The use of any player who does not appear in the overall list shall cause that round to be forfeited 4:0.

11.4 Time Control

The time limit is 90 minutes for the whole game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. The games shall be played using the DGT clocks

11.5 Scoring

Each team`s place in the order of classification shall be decided by the number of match points it has scored.

The position of teams that finish with the same number of match points shall be determined by application of the following tie-breaking procedures in sequence, proceeding from (a) to (b) to (c) to the extent required:

a. by the number of the game points scored;

b. by Direct Encounter

c. by the sum of Sonneborn-Berger points, which are calculated as follows:

match points of each opponent, excluding the opponent who scored the lowest number of match points, multiplied by the number of game points achieved against this opponent;

c. by the sum of the match points of all the teams opponents, excluding the lowest one.

For tie-break purposes a bye or an unplayed match - if the opponent team does not appear on time – are counted as a drawn match against the team itself.

11.6 Challenge Trophy - The winning city in the Asian Cities Chess Championship shall be awarded custody of the Dubai Cup.

11.6.1 This Challenge Trophy is property of the Asian Chess Federation  and shall be insured by the federation to which it was awarded. Should it be lost, a replacement is to be made of the same design.

11.6.2 The Challenge Trophy is to be competed for at each successive championship. It cannot be acquired in perpetuity and must be returned to the FIDE President or his nominee on demand.

12. Prizes and Souvenirs - The organizers should award suitable prizes and souvenirs to at least the top three teams.



13. The FIDE Continental President for Asia, after consultations with the organizing federation, shall nominate the Chief Arbiter and other Arbiters.

13.1 The Chief Arbiter may, in consultation with the Asian Chess Federation, and with the approval of the Continental President, issue additional written regulations to inform the exact playing hours and take care of other details not covered by these regulations.


Appeals Committee

14. Before the beginning of the tournament an Appeals Committee shall be selected.

14.1 The Chairman of the Appeals Committee shall be nominated by the Continental President in consultation with the organizing federation. The Committee shall be composed of five members and two reserves, all from different Federations, chosen from among the representatives of national federations present.

14.2 Protests, including protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter or his assistants, must be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Appeals Committee within one hour after completion of the playing session.

14.3 A protest shall be submitted with an accompanying fee of $100 or its equivalent in local currency. If the protest is upheld, the protest fee will be returned otherwise it shall be forfeited to the organizing federation.

14.4 No member of the Appeals Committee shall have the right to vote on any matter concerning his own federation. However, every member is entitled to participate in the discussions.

14.5 The decision of the Appeals Committee is final, binding and takes effect immediately.

14.6 The Appeals Committee shall keep a record of all proceedings and submit a final report to the Continental President at the end of the tournament.



15. On completion of the tournament, the Chief Arbiter shall deliver to the Continental President an official written report on the course of the tournament with supporting documents, if appropriate. Copies of these reports are to be extended to the organizing federation.

15.1 Within two weeks after the closing ceremony, the organizing federation shall submit a rating report to FIDE.

15.2 Within four weeks after the closing ceremony, the organizing federation shall present the Continental President for Asia with a general report on the proceedings.