Bangladesh Golden Jubilee of Independence 48th National Premier Chess Chess Championship

The Golden Jubilee of Independence 46th National Premier Chess Championship organised by Bangladesh Chess Federation and powered by Shah Cement, started Monday at the Crown Hall of Hotel Asia & Resorts in Dhaka. In the round robin system, 14 players are participating in this year’s national chess. Among them, 5 Grandmasters of the country are seeded and 9 players have been promoted from National ‘B’ chess.


Bangladesh Chess Federation is holding this year’s national chess championship in a new way. The national ‘B’ chess was first held with selected players from 6 regional competitions and players with a rating of over 2100, dividing the country into 6 regions, and the top 9 players from National ‘B’ chess got a chance to play in this year’s national chess premiere.

When 5 Grand Masters of the country were invited to play directly, everyone agreed to participate. After the national chess championship of 2019, 5 grand masters of the country are taking part in any chess event together.

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