Mission Statement

 Vision: Asian leadership in world chess.

 Mission: Popularize chess for sport and education.

 Values: National Federations in Asia share a passion for chess. They are together in diversity while treating each other with respect and dignity.

 Goals: Widespread development, stronger players, more tournaments, bigger prizes.


To create Chess Academies in different regions and countries.

 To adapt latest technology to chess training and teaching. To broadcast chess online in order to spread chess to the general public.

 To help member federations and the chess community of players, journalists and parents of chess players.

 To develop fellowship and understanding among national federations.

 To support programs that promote chess as a means for academic excellence.

 To organize top level tournaments for professional players.

 To assist and support federations, manage resources with efficient and effective use of funds.

 To provide professional management, set policies and offer sustainable support for Asian programs.

 To sustain the commitment of national federation officials and focus efforts on Asian projects.

 To foster a chess environment and create a climate to maximize sponsorship attractiveness and public awareness.

 To enrich the lives of people through chess and make it a sport for people of all ages, creeds and gender.

 To provide opportunities for players to improve their skills and maximize their potential through chess learning and tournament experience.

 To expand the pool of players and lay the foundation for the future through youth events.