Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations

Approved by the Continental Assembly

27 October 2004 Calvia, Mallorca, Spain

  1. The Asian Account is in US$ and the fees of the events are as follows:

Zonal Tournaments  US$75 for each player *

Continental Individual Championship US$150 for each player *

Continental Junior/Youth Championships  US$75 for each player

Continental Team Championship US$300 for each team

Continental City (Club) Cup US$150 for each team

Continental Rapid Chess Championship US$75 for each player

*Except for the defending champion

2. Entry fees for the one Zone Federation is as usual US$75 for each participating player with a maximum to be paid of US$1,500.

3. Organizing country of FIDE Youth Events will be exempted from entry fees for their own players. These free entries are limited to seven players in each category of the youth events.

4. Extra players are charged double.

5. Collecting the fees from the participants in the continental events. The organizing federation must take responsibility for collecting the fees from the oarticipants and this must be done before the first round. Failing to do this the organizing federation shall lose the right to get the 50% of the entry fees from the players who did not pay.

6. The organizing federation retains the 50% of the entry fees and sends the other 50% to the Asian Chess Federation Account, with the exception of the Zonal championships.