Youth U14, U16, U18 Ch.

Youth U14, U16, U18 Ch.
New Delhi
Thursday - November 06, 2014 to November 14

New Delhi, India, 6th to 14th November 2014
Categories for Open & Girls under 14, 16 & 18







1. Invitation
On behalf of the Asian Chess Federation and FIDE, the All India Chess Federation has the honour of inviting all Asian National Chess Federations affiliated to FIDE to participate in the Asian Youth Chess Championship-2014 (Under- 14, Under-16 & Under-18 Open & Girls) in New Delhi, India from 6th (arrival) to 14th (departure) November 2014.

2. Participation
2.1     Invited Players - Each National Federation can enter one (1) player in each of the under 14, 16 & 18  (Open and Girls) categories, totalling a maximum of twelve (6) invited players.

2.2    According to FIDE Rules, Medal winners of 2013 Asian Youth Chess championships will also have personal right and will be accepted as official players if they are playing in the same age category or a higher age category.

2.3   Additional Players – 4 Additional (extra) players can also be registered in each category by each National Federations.

2.4    The Organizing Committee shall have an additional player per category and shall hold a player in reserve to make an even number of participants if necessary.

2.5    The players should be below the respective age groups on or before 1st January 2014.

3.  Registration
3.1  National Federations should inform the Organizing Committee by 20th August 2014 of the number of participants in order to ascertain number of hotel rooms required. Entry forms must be filled by the National Federations and forward to the Organizing Committee not later than                5th September 2014 which is the registration deadline. Late registration shall bear a $50 fine till        5th October 2014.

3.2  The complete registration form must include the surname, first name, FIDE ID number, FIDE rating and title, and passport details of each player and each accompanying person. It must also include the name, telephone, fax number and email of the Delegation chief and of the federation official in charged

3.3   A digital scan of the passport and ID photo of each player and each accompanying person must be sent by email to the Organizing Committee.

3.4   All travel expenses must be paid by the participants or their National Federation.

3.5   Every player (invited, extra or by personal right) and every accompanying person has to pay to the organizers the amount of $100 participation fee by 5th September 2014.

3.6   The above amount of $ 100 includes accreditation and bus transport from New Delhi airport to the official hotel and back to airport (on 6th November and 13/14th November 2014).

3.7    Players will not be paired until all payments of their federation have been fulfilled.

3.8   Players will not be paired if they are not accredited in official hotel at least one hour before the Technical Meeting.

4.  Entry Fees

4.1   In accordance with FIDE regulations an entry fee of $75 is required fo reach invited player for all three events.  Their National Federation must pay this amount to the Organizing Committee by   5th September 2014.

4.2   For each additional (extra) player, an entry fee of $150 is required.  Their National Federation must also pay this amount directly to the Organizing Committee by 5th September 2014.

5.  Hotel Accommodation

5.1  All players and accompanying persons should be registered through the organizers at the designated official hotel.

5.2   Free board will be provided to the invited players as well as to one official per federation from noon of 6th November (lunch) to 14th November (breakfast).  All officials are accommodated in triple rooms only. Anyone needing double/single rooms should bear the difference.

5.3    All participants and all accompanying persons are obliged to lodge at official hotels.

5.4   Hotel payments for all extra players and accompanying persons must be made in advance on arrival in New Delhi.

5.5    Cost for full board and lodging (with breakfast, lunch & dinner) for additional (extra) players and accompanying persons are as follows:

Type of room Amount per person
Triple Sharing $ 68   per day per person
Double or Twin sharing          
$ 80   per day per person
Single $ 130 per day

6.  Format

6.1   Standard Chess :- The championships will be played according to the Swiss System of 7 or 9 rounds, depending on the number of participants in the category: for 16 or fewer, 7 rounds and for more, 9 rounds Swiss System and less than 10 players, round robin.  Time control is 90 minutes for the whole game with 30 second increment per move from move 1.  In the last round, where possible, players from the same country who have more than 50% shall not be paired together.

6.2   Rapid Chess :-  The tournament shall be a 7 rounds Swiss. Time control is 15 minutes per player with increment of 10 second per move from move 1.

6.3   Blitz Chess :- The tournament shall be a 7 round Swiss. Time control is 3 minutes per player with increment of 2 second per move from move 1

7.  Schedule

     06th November       After 1200 hrs Arrival
     06th November      1930 hrs Technical Meeting
     07th November      0900 hrs Opening Ceremony
     07th November      0930 – 1230 hrs Rapid Chess Rd 1 – 3
     07th November      1500 -  2000 hrs Rapid Chess Rd 4 – 7
     08th November      0930 hrs  Standard Chess Round 1
     08th November      1600 hrs  Standard Chess Round 2
     09th November      0930 hrs  Standard Chess Round 3
     09th November      1600 hrs  Standard Chess Round 4
     10th November      0930 hrs  Standard Chess Round 5
     11th November      0930 hrs  Standard Chess Round 6
     11th November      1600 hrs  Standard Chess Round 7
     12th November      0930 hrs  Standard Chess Round 8
     12th November      1600 hrs  Standard Chess Round 9
     13th November      0930 – 1330 Blitz Chess Championships
     13th November      1430 hrs  Closing Ceremony
     14th November      Before 1200 hrs Departure

8.  Medals

8.1   Medals will be awarded to the top three position in each event and category (Standard, Rapid and Blitz events)

8.2   Titles : For the Standard Chess events, FM and WFM titles are awarded to the winners of the youth categories accordance with FIDE regulations.  In case of tie, after tie-break, only the top three will be awarded. CM and WCM titles are awarded, after tie-break, to silver and bronze medal winners – not more than one title will be awarded for each (2nd / 3rd ) position.

9.  Payments

All payments are to be done to the following Bank account and all bank commissions must be paid by sender.

         Bank : CANARA BANK
         Bank Account No : 2416101014661
         Bank Address : HSS Kings way camp, Delhi INDIA (DP 2416)

         Account NAME : Delhi Chess Association


10. Contact of the Organising Committee
The Secretary, Delhi Chess Association, Hotel KC Plaza, 5588, Basant Lane, Paharganj,          New Delhi-55, INDIA.

Mr. MS Gopakumar, IA (Registration)            +91 - 9868624216/ 9986883449
Mr. AK Verma (Organising Secretary)            +91 - 9891468906
Mr. Bharat Singh (Chairman, Organising Committee)     +91 - 9810000007

Email:               Web site:

11. Visa Information

Participants needing visa are requested to contact the All India Chess Federation before 5th September 2014. Invitations for visas will only be provided after the payment of registration fee and accommodation charges.
12.  Matters not mentioned

Any matter not mentioned in the Regulations above shall be decided upon, if necessary, after consultation with the Asian Chess Federation President.