Asian Chess Summit and Continental Assembly Set 26-29 December

The Asian Chess Federation cordially invites Presidents/Delegates of National Chess Federations in Asia to the Asian Chess Summit, a chess family gathering from 26 th to 29th December 2022 in Al Ain, UAE.

Resource speakers shall be invited to address the Symposium and Development Program. We invite national federations to give a presentation on their activities at the Chess Forum. Zone Presidents may schedule zonal meetings. The Summit will provide an opportunity for federations to find areas of cooperation with each other.
26 Dec 2022 – Arrival
27 Dec 2022 – Asian Chess Symposium
Asian Chess Development Program
28 Dec 2022 – Asian Chess Forum
Continental Assembly
Asian Chess Excellence Awards (Gala Dinner)
29 Dec 2022 – Departure

As previously announced, the Asian Continental Assembly is scheduled 28 December 2022 together
with the Asian Chess Summit.

Please note Electoral Regulations in Asian Chess Federation Statutes:

14.1 The President, the Deputy President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer and the Vice
President are elected on a combined ticket, at least one of whom must be a woman.
Nominations on the Presidential ticket shall specify the proposed nominees to run for the
offices of President, Deputy President, Secretary General, Treasurer and Vice President.

14.2 Nominations for the Presidential ticket must reach the Secretariat at least three months
before the opening of the Continental Assembly. Each ticket must be nominated by at least any
five-member federations. The nomination of the federations shall be communicated to ACF by
the federation’s President. A federation is entitled to nominate only one Presidential ticket. ACF
is entitled to accept the authenticity of the nomination it receives and no nomination can be
withdrawn once given, unless the number of the Presidential ticket become less than 5 persons
for any reason.

14.3 Each Presidential Candidate shall present to the Secretariat the following documents within
the deadline above: (a) the names of the persons included on the Presidential ticket with their
positions (b) nominating letters by at least five federation Presidents (c) letters of confirmation
of acceptance from each person on the ticket.

Nominations should be received by ACF Secretariat at by 28
September 2022. Forms were emailed to all national federations in Asia.