India, Philippines, Mongolia and Indonesia Qualify to Women’s Semifinals

And then there were four women’s teams. India, Philippines, Mongolia and Indonesia beat their respective opponents in the Quarterfinal Matches of the Asian Online Nations Cup Women’s Chess Team Championship on 23rd October in Visit for individual results and to download games.

India blanked Kyrgystan 4:0 in the first round then followed with a 3.5-0.5 thrashing for a lopsided victory.

The Philippines beat Sri Lanka twice with similar 3.5-0.5 scores.

Vietnam beat Mongolia 2.5-1.5 in the first round but Mongolia turned the tables in the second round by beating Vietnam 3.5-0.5 to win by game points tie break.

Iran edged Indonesia 2.5-1.5 in the first round but Indonesia reversed with similar 2.5-1.5 score against Iran in the second round. The tie was broken by Berlin points which gives greater weight to higher boards, i.e. 4 points are awarded to board 1, 3 points to board 2, 2 points to board 1 and 1 point to board 4. Indonesia emerged with 11 Berlin points against 9 for Iran.

The Semifinals start 10am (UAE time GMT+4) Saturday 24 Oct. India faces Mongolia while Indonesia is paired with the Philippines. Watch live games on chessbomb.

Replay games from Quarterfinals

Round 1 on 2020/10/23 at 10:00
1/1 Vaishali, R (w) Samaganova, Alexandra (b) 1-0
1/2 Kulkarni, Bhakti (b) Zairbek Kyzy, Begimai (w) 1-0
1/3 Padmini, Rout (w) Omurbekova, Diana (b) 1-0
1/4 Nandhidhaa, P V (b) Abaeva, Aiana (w) 1-0
            Sri Lanka
2/1 Sandeepani, M Tharushi (w) Frayna, Janelle Mae (b) 0-1
2/2 Pavalachandran, Ashvini (b) Fronda, Jan Jodilyn (w) 0-1
2/3 Tharushi, T H D Niklesha (w) Galas, Bernadette (b) .5-.5
2/4 Ranasinghe, S D (b) Mordido, Kylen Joy (w) 0-1
3/1 Khademalsharieh, Sarasadat (w) Sukandar, Irine Kharisma (b) .5-.5
3/2 Alinasab, Mobina (b) Aulia, Medina Warda (w) 0-1
3/3 Mahdian, Anousha (w) Sihite, Chelsie Monica Ignesias (b) 0-1
3/4 Zahedifar, Anahita (b) Karenza, Dita (w) 1-0
4/1 Munguntuul, Batkhuyag (w) Pham, Le Thao Nguyen (b) 0-1
4/2 Bayarmaa, Bayarjargal (b) Vo, Thi Kim Phung (w)   .5-.5
4/3 Altantuya, Boldbaatar (w) Nguyen, Thi Mai Hung (b) 1-0
4/4 Munkhzul, Davaakhuu (b) Nguyen, Thanh Thuy Tien (w) 0-1
Round 2 on 2020/10/23 at 11:10
Bo.             Kyrgyzstan             India .5:3.5 CHESS.COM LINKS
1/1 Samaganova, Alexandra (w) Vaishali, R (b) 0-1
1/2 Zairbek Kyzy, Begimai (b) Kulkarni, Bhakti (w) .5-.5
1/3 Omurbekova, Diana (w) Padmini, Rout (b) 0-1
1/4 Sovetbekova, Nurai (b) Nandhidhaa, P V (w) 0-1
Bo.             Philippines             Sri Lanka 3.5:.5
2/1 Frayna, Janelle Mae (w) Sandeepani, M Tharushi (b) 1-0
2/2 Fronda, Jan Jodilyn (b) Pavalachandran, Ashvini (w) 1-0
2/3 Mendoza, Shania Mae (w) Tharushi, T H D Niklesha (b) 1-0
2/4 Mordido, Kylen Joy (b) Ranasinghe, S D (w) .5-.5
Bo.             Indonesia             Iran 1.5:2.5
3/1 Sukandar, Irine Kharisma (w) Khademalsharieh, Sarasadat (b) .5-.5
3/2 Aulia, Medina Warda (b) Alinasab, Mobina (w) 0-1
3/3 Sihite, Chelsie Monica Ignesias (w) Zahedifar, Anahita (b) 1-0
3/4 Anggraini Mukim, Nadya (b) Asadi, Motahare (w) 0-1
Bo.             Vietnam             Mongolia .5:3.5
4/1 Pham, Le Thao Nguyen (w) Munguntuul, Batkhuyag (b) 0-1
4/2 Vo, Thi Kim Phung (b) Bayarmaa, Bayarjargal (w) .5-.5
4/3 Nguyen, Thi Mai Hung (w) Altantuya, Boldbaatar (b) 0-1
4/4 Nguyen, Thanh Thuy Tien (b) Munkhzul, Davaakhuu (w) 0-1