Iran, Australia, India and Kazakhstan Through to Men’s Semifinals

And then there were four. Iran, Australia, India and Kazakhstan conquered their respective opponents in Friday’s Quarterfinal matches of the $20,000 Asian Online Nations Cup Open Chess Team Championship in

Iran eliminated Singapore 4:0 in the first match and played to a 2:2 draw in the second. Kazakhstan blanked the Philippines 4:0 and followed up with 3:1 score in the second match. Australia crushed Indonesia 3:1 in the first round then clinched the slot with a 3.5-0.5 thrashing in the second round. India edged Mongolia 2.5-1.5 in both rounds to qualify for the Semifinals.

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The stage is set for exciting Semifinal matches between India and Kazakhstan and between Iran and Australia. There shall be two matches in each duel. The first named has white on boards 1 and 3 and black on board 2 and 4 in the first match and reverse colors for the return match.

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Replay games from Quarterfinal Matches

Round 1 on 2020/10/23 at 10:00
Bo.             Iran             Singapore 4:0 CHESS.COM LINKS
1/1 Idani, Pouya (w) Goh, Wei Ming Kevin (b) 1-0
1/2 Maghsoodloo, Parham (b) Tin, Jingyao (w) 1-0
1/3 Tabatabaei, M.Amin (w) Hsu, Li Yang (b) 1-0
1/4 Gholami, Aryan (b) Liu, Xiangyi (w) 1-0
Bo.             Kazakhstan             Philippines 4:0
2/1 Jumabayev, Rinat (w) Paragua, Mark (b) 1-0
2/2 Khusnutdinov, Rustam (b) Barcenilla, Rogelio (w) 1-0
2/3 Ismagambetov, Anuar (w) Bersamina, Paulo (b) 1-0
2/4 Makhnev, Denis (b) Pascua, Haridas (w) 1-0
Bo.             Mongolia             India 1.5:2.5
3/1 Amartuvshin, Ganzorig (w) Nihal, Sarin (b) 1-0
3/2 Bilguun, Sumiya (b) Ganguly, Surya Shekhar (w) .5-.5
3/3 Batchuluun, Tsegmed (w) Sethuraman, S.P. (b) 0-1
3/4 Gan-Erdene, Sugar (b) Sasikiran, Krishnan (w) 0-1
Bo.             Indonesia             Australia 1:3
4/1 Taher, Yoseph Theolifus (w) Smirnov, Anton (b) 0-1
4/2 Megaranto, Susanto (b) Kuybokarov, Temur (w) .5-.5
4/3 Priasmoro, Novendra (w) Illingworth, Max (b) 0-1
4/4 Setyaki, Azarya Jodi (b) Ly, Moulthun (w) .5-.5
Round 2 on 2020/10/23 at 11:10
1/1 Goh, Wei Ming Kevin (w) Idani, Pouya (b) 0-1
1/2 Villamayor, Buenaventura (b) Maghsoodloo, Parham (w) .5-.5
1/3 Tin, Jingyao (w) Tabatabaei, M.Amin (b) .5-.5
1/4 Hsu, Li Yang (b) Gholami, Aryan (w) 1-0
2/1 Paragua, Mark (w) Jumabayev, Rinat (b) 0-1
2/2 Barcenilla, Rogelio (b) Khusnutdinov, Rustam (w) .5-.5
2/3 Bersamina, Paulo (w) Ismagambetov, Anuar (b) 0-1
2/4 Gomez, John Paul (b) Makhnev, Denis (w) .5-.5
3/1 Adhiban, B. (w) Amartuvshin, Ganzorig (b) 1-0
3/2 Nihal, Sarin (b) Bilguun, Sumiya (w) 1-0
3/3 Ganguly, Surya Shekhar (w) Batchuluun, Tsegmed (b) 0-1
3/4 Sasikiran, Krishnan (b) Gan-Erdene, Sugar (w) .5-.5
4/1 Smirnov, Anton (w) Taher, Yoseph Theolifus (b) 1-0
4/2 Kuybokarov, Temur (b) Megaranto, Susanto (w) 1-0
4/3 Illingworth, Max (w) Priasmoro, Novendra (b) .5-.5
4/4 Ly, Moulthun (b) Setyaki, Azarya Jodi (w) 1-0