Pampanga Checkers beat Surigao Fianchetto Checkmates in PCAP

by Marlon Bernardino
MANILA—The Pampanga Checkers defeated Surigao Fianchetto Checkmates, 12-9,  in the third conference Professional Chess Association of the Philippines (PCAP) Wednesday, October 13, 2021 virtually held at Platform.

In the first game, Pampanga edged Surigao, 4-3, in blitz on victories by Woman National Master Lexie Grace Hernandez (Board 3), National Master Louie Pablo (Board 4), Gabrielle Nuqui (Board 5), Vince Duane Pascual (Board 6) and Joseph  Raphael Vergara (Board 7).

The Pampanga Checkers continued its rout on the Surigao Fianchetto Checkmates with an 8-6 beating in the rapid event on two pointers by Hernandez, Pablo, Pascual and Vergara.

Backed up by Mr. Jaime “Jimmy” Reyes,  Mr. Jake “Talov” Carlos, Mr. Robert Halili and Mr. Archimedes Miranda de Leon, the Pampanga Checkers squad earlier beat CCE Sunrays, 14-7.

Other members of Pampanga Checkers are National Master Oshrie Jhames Reyes, Erickson Costuna, Tiv Omangay and  Karl Richard Ballobar